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Saturday, July 6, 2019

TINY HOUSE SUMMER CAMP 7! Yes, its happening!

Camping, building (actual building!), guest speakers, and more!

Note: JUST ADDED (and see more below)- Cleveland OH's "Uncle Mudd" to lead Cobb/Mud/Earth building demos- all hands-on. He'll be offering side classes for those interested- all included with your registration! 

"Tiny House Summer Camp"- As featured in the NY Times, NPR, Boston Globe, and

If you've missed out the other years when it sold out- here is your chance! 

Hosted by Deek and Dustin Diedricksen (authors, builders, former hosts of HGTV's "Tiny House Builders")

Where? Orleans, Vermont. 
September 20-22nd (Fri-Sun)- if you can't make Friday we will get you caught up with private instruction. 

This is for ALL skill levels (or for those that have ZERO skills- we'll help you gain some!)

Sign up now before its too late. We'll add more info to this post as we add speakers. (we have SO many already). 

We will ALL be building a backwoods tiny house this year. ACTUALLY building one- not talking about it or looking at powerpoint presentations. 

We have plenty of space for free camping too!
We limit the workshop to 22 students. 

SO many guest builders/hosts!

Chris Strathy- aka "The Capable Carpenter"-Tiny House Builder and Youtube Host from NC

Martin Skrelunas- Tiny House Builder and CT Architect

Palo "The Mad Scientist" Coleman- Repurposing Pro

Chris Schapdick- NJ Tiny House Builder and Author 

Jim Shippey- Builder from HGTV's "Tiny House Builders" Show

Matt Gabriel (back by popular demand)- to lead fun side classes on wilderness survival, backwoods building, and more! Matt is the host of the youtube channel "Animal Man Survivor"

We're working on adding some women too- we've always had some in the past on our teaching roster. 

And more!!! 

Any questions-