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Monday, January 21, 2019

SHED to TINY HOUSE? "Burning Down The Old One"- Part 1

So I've been rather busy- not only with my newest book (now out- "Micro Living"), but with building, travel, and assorted tiny house design (some new cabin plans coming out soon!). We also have a hands-on workshop (with camping included) in North Carolina coming up as well! (April 5-6-7th in Riegelwood)- Hit the large banner on this site (above) for info!

I've also been working on THIS- tearing down an old work shed (for a few reasons I explain) in order to build a newer one that will be:

-A woodworking space
-Secure (I had some tools stolen recently from the old space)
-An art studio
-A tiny classroom for occasional VERY SMALL workshop classes
-A guest sleep space for visiting friends here and there.

I'm also trying to build it all on a pretty meager budget.

We also talked about the pros/cons of transforming existing sheds into tiny houses here: