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Monday, August 13, 2018

DON'T convert a SHED into a TINY HOUSE!!! Here's why....

I apologize for the shoddy camera quality, but it is what it is (and this was a spur of the moment shoot).... and its merely a simple talk about something I feel pretty strongly about- the whole of issue of whether or not one should convert a shed into a tiny house, or not?

Sure, you might INITIALLY save quite a bit of money and time, but are there repercussions?

Yes, there are, and there will be.

For instance, the fairly standard 2by3 construction of "box store sheds" (to save time, money, and transport weight) isn't something that will convey, nor structurally hold up, if you were to affix (or "plop") an assembly line cheapo shed onto a trailer for your "quick and easy tiny house on wheels".

Its not going to pan out well...... (more below)

And what about the structural deficiencies of a build with 24" on-center stud work, versus one with residentially-standard 16 on-center framing? There is a BIG different in strength and rigidity.

In this video, I explain quite a bit more. If you head over to the real/direct video, be sure to leave your opinions, good or bad- this way we can all peruse what has been left, text-wise, and benefit from it. 

Thanks in advance for checking it out, and I hope it helps some of you out!

-Deek Diedricksen