joshua tree workshop 2018

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

SIX New Tiny House Workshops w/The Diedricksen Brothers.....

Call it friggin' overkill- we call it passion and obsession. 

Dustin and I have some AWESOME builds on the way and we want YOU to be part of them, and to join us and our MANY co-hosts as we guide you through the steps, methods, and ACTUAL BUILD EXPERIENCES on these work sites. Have fun, get dirty, make your mistakes HERE and not on your own build, and meet a ton of great, likeminded, and creative people! 

THESE ARE ALL HANDS-ON WORKSHOPS! Something you RARELY get elsewhere. Go ahead, search around for others, we encourage it. We've been doing this workshops since 2009 and don't intend to stop any time soon.

Hosts Dustin and Deek Diedricksen 

     Our workshops are small and intimate and not huge cattle-calls by the hundred or more where you never get one on one time with the hosts.

So here's what we have coming up in 2018

-February 17th-18th- Stoughton, MA SOLD OUT

-March 23-25th- Joshua Tree, CA SOLD OUT

-April 28th- Pink Hill, NC (TinyHouseNC Street Festival (Selling FAST!)

-May 3-4-5- The Fuller Craft Museum in Brockton, MA

-May 25th-27th- Monroe, Washington (Tree House AND Tiny    House Based)

-June 16th- Omaha, NE- At the Midwest Tiny House Festival

Each workshop (of if not, SOON) is described and linked (for sign-ups) HERE:
(Note: If a particular workshop is not listed yet, it soon will be)


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  2. Any more workshops planned for the west coast? I'm in Arizona.

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