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Friday, January 26, 2018

Could you LIVE in just 54 Square Feet?

Granted, this isn't for most- heck, living in a space so small isn't for just about everyone, but it can be done, and despite some of the comments you might see with dwellings like these, it IS a home- and someones full time dwelling.

Call it a camper, a tear drop, a micro rv, or a tiny house- its not really important- but this IS a full time dwelling for Texan Richard Ward. It might not be YOUR style (or that of most), but Richard finds a way to make it work, and is LOVING it.

And this video tells a good chunk of the "How" and "Why".

We caught up with the ever migrating Richard at this past years Tiny House Jamboree in Arlington, TX (which was amazing! I hope to go back!)

Richard's prior home (through his company ) was colossal by comparison, as around 240 square feet!

-Deek Diedricksen