joshua tree workshop 2018

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

NEW Tiny House/Green Building/Living Workshop in BOSTON area!

February 17th and 18th (2018), we're at it once again, and ONLY will accept 16 students, as we want this to be fun, intimate, and no-rush process for all involved.


Framing, base-construction, sheathing, shingling, headers, rafter cutting, insulation, and more- we'll cover all the basics you need to know- and then mix in a healthy dose of tricks of the trade, unconventional methods, and all with LOTS of salvage, reuse and creativity! We'll tour tiny houses too, and see some great live demos from guest teachers...

Dustin Diedricksen leads a group outside Seattle, WA

"But Deek, I see other workshops offered all the time by people twice as good looking as you Diedricksen brothers...."

Well, I almost guarantee that those workshops are more expensive, cover fewer hours, and have ZERO actual building in them. Go ahead, look it up, ask away..... PLEASE do. Yes, we aren't super-handsome though... you're right....

Above: Deek Diedricksen on set of one of his DIY Network shows "Extreme Small Spaces"

So the idea of our hands-on workshops has always been NOT being the "hotel-ballroom-slideshow-bore-a-thon". Been there, done those- and well, most of 'em stink worse than week-old chowder. There is NOTHING that beats an actual hands-on workshop where you BUILD, design, and even make mistakes (there is no quicker and more thorough way to learn). Make the mistakes on OUR build, with our materials, and not yours.

So that's what we're going to do, and keep on doing!

February 17th and 18th (ALL the DETAIL are available at the link HERE) we, The Diedricksen Brothers are at it again. This time we'll be right outside Boston inside a rather funky, unusual, and colorful DIY art studio dubbed "The Blank Space"- and its kind of fitting, as they sky is the creative limit here.

Above: The entrance to "The Blank Space" gallery in Stoughton, MA- note: NOT a boring hotel conference room! 

We've been doing these workshops for seven years now, and we've done a TON of building, designing, more building, and well, you name it, all in between, during, and before. We're not hosting workshops based off some flash-in-the-pan internet clip that went viral either. We've been doing this for a long time, and we come with lots of experience, and have the callous hands to prove it.

We're also NOT fond of huge "cattle call" workshops. Why would you want to shoehorn yourself in a room with 120 other students and never have a chance to ask enough questions, or get to know the instructors? It seems ridiculous to me- a clear waste of YOUR time and money.

THIS was built by novices in one of our recent workshops- UP IN A TREE! 

With this upcoming workshop, not only will you build with us- a joint venture in creating a micro cabin for public display in the gallery, but we'll....

-See LIVE DEMOS put on by a variety of teachers

-Hang out BEYOND the workshop hours (cocktail hour anyone?)

-HEAR from guest speakers

-TOUR two tiny houses

-Create some fun ice-breaking reuse art (to be used IN the build)

-Have dinner together the first night


Saturday- 10am-6pm- followed by a post-workshop studio hang/BYOB gathering
Sunday- 10am-4/5pm

PRICE- $235 for the two day course. 

to sign up/lock a spot, we only require a deposit/portion of that. Click on the "Sign Up" link far above.
Refunds: WILL be given if you notify us before we're within 30 days of the workshop. Otherwise, we'll give you a credit in the same amount for another future workshop. No exceptions.

Saturday night you will be fed

We'll also have snacks (some vegan friendly ones) on hand, AND Equal Exchange coffee- endlessly!

And most of all, its going to be FUN!

Any questions-
AND- if you want to tie your business or product in with the promo flyers, youtube videos, and all the other online promotion that this event will receive, and want to sponsor us, email us.