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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Tiny House Summer Camp 5! Orleans, VT

"THSC" is a bonafide blast EVERY year, and it sells out EVERY year, so don't snooze on it.
(Update 7/7/17- its ALREADY half-sold out....)

THIS YEAR- SEPT 15-17th (Fri-Sun)

Hosted by Derek "Deek" Diedricksen (former host of HGTV's "Tiny House Builders" and author of "Microshelters", and "Humble Homes, Simple Shacks")

     It'll be the same price as it always has been for a full three days- with camp sites included too.... and yet again, we'll have not one, but around EIGHT (Update- TEN now!) host/teachers, and multiple building and design projects ALL HANDS ON.

We'll announce specifics as things progress, but so many people have asked about the date, that we decided to pre-post the sign-up link so that those people could sign-up before the workshop filled up.

Buy Now
Workshop is $399 ($99 deposit is required to secure your spot)
PLEASE make sure your calendar is free- no refunds within 45 days of the workshop. But we CAN give you credit to another future workshop- and GLADLY will- don't worry..... 

We are one of the very few fully hands-on workshops in the US- we have been since 2009.

Our workshops have been featured on NPR, The Boston Globe, ABC Network's "Chronicle" an beyond....

We've taught building workshops from Sydney to Fargo and everywhere in between. Dustin and I have hosted shows and designed for HGTV and The DIY Network, and have been featured in the NY Times, Boston Globe, China Times, The homepage of, and in countless other magazines.

More importantly, these workshops are A LOT of fun, your chance to learn new skills, network with other likeminded people, be inspired, and to learn how to think outside the box.

You'll camp with people, work alongside them, and be able to jump from one of three LIVE projects at will!

If you're looking for a slick website and blog page promoting this event, you won't find it here- we're too busy traveling, designing, and building- non-stop. But if you want to have a one of a kind experience with many good and talented people on a 10 acre spread of off-grid land in Northern Vermont, than this is the workshop for you!

Our format is LEARN by DOING! You'll be wielding tools and working on one of THREE live projects on this large parcel of off-grid land.

This is no workshop "cattle call" like others- the ratio of teachers to students is the best you'll find- often one teacher for every four or five students. This way there is LOTS of time for one on one talks and individual questions.

We approach teaching through the incorporation of MULTIPLE HOSTS. While Derek and Dustin Diedricksen are the main hosts, we believe that eclecticism is HUGE in the learning process.


Joshua and Shelley Engberg of TINY HOUSE BASICS (trekking ALL the way from San Francisco!). They are builders, designers, AND dwellers and have a internet-viral tiny house (gorgeous!). Come prepared with questions. The focus of their talk will be "BUILDING ON TRAILERS- selection, methods, and what to watch out for". 

ZANE SPANG (coming from Montana!) and his tiny-tiny cabin on wheels. Zane is a DIY builder, lives a good portion of his year off grid, and nomadically, and can tell a heck of a Native American ghost story by the campfire! You'll LOVE this guy!

PALO COLEMAN- "Where A.D.D. and D.I.Y. meet"- Palo "Bump" Coleman is one of the more interesting people you'll meet and he's obsessed with Japanese architecture and techniques. Palo will do two live demos (showing you a variety of tools you have most likely never seen) performing bamboo joinery techniques, AND doing a live Shou-Sugi-Ban fire-preserving (wood) demo at night. Not to be missed. 

JESS and DAN SULLIVAN- Back by popular demand come this duo who built and lived in a tiny house of their own design for many years. They run the blog and crafter one if the more striking and original homes in the scene! 

'Lil BRIAN KENNEDY- Standing 6' 8', Brian is one of the "larger" members of the tiny house scene, as well as a wealth of knowledge, and enthusiasm, in the field. "Just how can a tiny home be planned and tweaked for someone of a larger stature?"- Brian will tell you all about it! He, like the Diedricksen brothers, is also VERY into building with salvaged and found materials (we just may also have to do a nighttime panel on this!)

MARTY "Baccardi" SKRELUNAS- CT Preservationist Architect/Tiny House Madman. Marty is a four-time teacher to "Tiny House Summer Camp", and will be teaching a demo on vintage window repair and reglazing, as well as one on cedar shingling techniques, alongside Dustin Diedricksen. 

ROY St. CLAIR (aka "BTR"- coming from Charlotte, NC)- Alternative roofing methods on your mind? Well Roy's the guy to talk to and he'll be giving a talk AND working alongside all of you throughout the three day workshop. Roy has now traveled with us and co-built and designed over twelve structures as part of the Diedricksen Brothers Workshops. The man is as friendly as they come, and willing and ready for questions. Check out some of the roofing he'll be installing through

ALEX EAVES- An expert in the field of reuse, Alex is a filmmaker (Reuse: Because You Can't Recycle The Planet") and lives in a converted box truck/tiny house built and designed for an upcoming film. This tiny house will be on hand for you to tour. Oh yeah, its almost entirely constructed with found, salvaged, and secondhand materials. 

ANNE PATTERSON- Anne is a solar cooking expert and will be coming out to showcase some Solavore solar ovens- which, YES, work beautifully as supplemental cooking for off-grid tiny house dwellers! These ovens are AWESOME! (check the video below) 

SHIPPEY The DIY PIRATE- As seen on HGTV's "Tiny House Builders", Jim Shippey will be on hand to build alongside all of you. From Tree houses to Tiny Houses, Jim has worked on 'em all. He also passes his time by looking a heck of a lot like Abraham Lincoln.

And more TBA! 

Solavore Oven demo w/Deek....

ANY questions- newenglandrockpress at gmail


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  6. How does lodging and meals work

    1. Both are on your own. You are welcome to camp on the land if you'd like (no charge)- we have a field for tents..... We host a big pizza party night one, but all other meals are on your own.... there is stuff nearby....

  7. So beautiful~~~ If I have enough money and a large yard, I want a house like this~ summer camp there is a great idea.
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  8. We have a group of teens who built a teeny-tiny house to raffle for a fundraiser. It is ridiculously charming, though it makes true tiny houses look immense. ^_^

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  10. Is the camp dry RV friendly? I live in it full-time and am single with 4 indoor cats.

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  12. how long are the days ? are they structured or more free flowing go at your own pace ?

    1. A little bit of both..... We have multiple projects down different paths and people can hope from one to another as they like (with different teachers) so as to experience building with, and techniques, from various teachers....

  13. Is this newcomer/amateur friendly? Really into the tiny house movement, but don't know where to begin. Hoping the workshops and teachers would be a good place to start..?

    1. Yes, definitely newcomer friendly- we have multiple projects and multiple hosts- each at different levels..... we have ton of people each year who are looking to learn the basic (have never built before).

  14. Are there any additional details yet? What does the optional 4th day consist of?

    1. 4th day details to come (its an ad-on day). As for guests... we'll post more soon, but just added Joshua and Shelley Engberg (from San Francisco (Tiny House Basic)- they are authors, builders, designers, and dwellers....

  15. Is there a discounted rate for couples? How long do the days usually run?

    1. Hey Jaime- email us for that newenglandrockpress @ Days run from 9/10am until 10pm (with talks and demos by a bon fire at night)

  16. Why have so many of the comments been removed by the administrator? This poses a problem for someone looking for positive feedback to attend.

    1. The ONLY ones that have been removed are spam- ads and links for things completely unrelated to tiny housing or this workshop. We get a TON of them, from sun glasses ads to time share pitches.....

    2. If you have any questions, etc- let us know. There's a reason we've been doing workshops since 2009 though- and every single one has sold out..... We'll have some more posts soon about workshop details and such, and if there are any other questions- newenglandrockpress @ Thanks

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  18. How about I bring my tiny house there so everyone can finish mine!! On a serious note though, I wish I could. I'm at the plumbing stage and I can't find one single person to help me finish this. Money isn't the issue. It's more me trying to find someone who is willing to help.I still have quite a few questions that I can't get answers to. And yes, I am a single woman. Didn't start out that way. I plan on living in mine by October. I am about 160 miles from Orleans. I live in Londonderry. My tiny house is in Louden at the moment but I plan on bringing it to Fitzwilliam where I will be renting a spot. My land in Pittsfield isn't cleared enough to live on at the moment. I think having workshops is a wonderful idea. I wish I attended one four years ago when I started my house. It still sounds like fun though!

  19. I want to book but will be flying in from LA and don't have a tent, etc. Could I get a little more information on other sleeping options for the weekend so I can look into price and availability before I book the workshop?
    Sounds great and really hoping I can attend!

  20. Is the site accessible by motorcycle? I've done some driving on gravel roads but am not keen on it.
    Also, do you think I'd have the opportunity to pick your brain (or other instructors' brains) about building a trailer/sleeping bunk that could be pulled by a motorcycle?

  21. I am trying to find the registration form and itinerary for Sept 15-17 workshop in Vermont. Please help!

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