Tiny House Summer Camp 5

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A LUXURY tiny house on wheels!? And its fully off-grid capable....

Check out this little video tour I shot with Mike Bedsole of www.TinyHouseChattanooga.com showcasing the high-end version of his work in the tiny house field. This 24' house has one of the nicer bathrooms I've ever seen, double lofts, a fully opening skylight with roof access, a great galley-style kitchen, and so much more. Mike does a great job showing and explaining EVERYTHING in this clip- enjoy!

Also, "Tiny House Summer Camp 3"- we have just a few slots left, and have added even more speakers and guests than you see on the flyer below, so if you're contemplating joining us for THREE days of HANDS-ON building, demos, designing, tiny house tours, and more, I wouldn't hesitate for long! If you see the banner on the top of this blog, it means that registration is still open.....

We just added three AWESOME women to our roster too! I'll post more on them soon!
Vera Struck- from www.silverbullettinyhouse.com
Jan Kenney- A tiny house dweller (in one of the VERY smallest houses on the scene!)
Goldi- all the way from CA- a kick-butt builder/designer that we've had as part of our workshops before.

As for more photos of the work from Tiny House Chattanooga.....

"Tansu"-style storage steps make way for a heck of a lot of extra storage! 


AND....my new book is out real soon (or now!)

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen


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