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Monday, June 29, 2015

Boston, MA "Tiny House Workshop"- Hands-on building w/Deek/Dustin....

ACTUALLY BUILD, HEAR FROM TINY HOUSE PROS, SEE LIVE DEMOS, TOUR A TINY HOUSE, and MORE!!! -All while helping out the town center with design, art, and funky builds! 
Hosted by Derek and Dustin Diedricksen, who have hosted/built/designed for their HGTV/DIY Network show "Tiny House Builders", as well as for other tv shows! 

JULY 25th-26th- RIGHT OUTSIDE BOSTON, MA (Stoughton, MA)

Above: Roofing at our Vermont Workshop 2014.... one of FOUR builds that weekend....

You CAN sign up for just one day- email us at if that's the case... but we recommend both days if you can make it....

We've hosted over a DOZEN workshops since 2012, so "this isn't our first rodeo".... these workshops are designed to be FUN, and for all skill levels, and with LOTS of creativity and problem-solving wrapped into them. 

So this workshop is a little different than our other ones (like the "Tiny House Summer Camp 3" event in September) in that its smaller, more intimate, and has a slightly more eclectic focus.

We'll only accept FIFTEEN students- which is VERY GOOD NEWS for you- it means you get a ton of individual attention, time to ask questions, and more time to DO n' build!

If you're not one for larger workshops in hotel conference rooms, this hands-on workshop is quite the opposite in that it will be held in Deek's personal art studio in downtown Stoughton, MA (10 miles outside Boston).

One of our spaces for the weekend- with a back courtyard as well.... 

We already have a few signed up before posting this sign-up page, so if you're considering attending, don't wait too long. This workshop is also the lowest priced one we offer. Its two full days, at $225, (or one day for $140) which is a heck of a lot more reasonable than most workshops, and ANY workshop with hands-on projects.

Above: From out recent mini-workshop in Fargo, ND


Derek "Deek" Diedricksen- Deek has designed/built and hosted for HGTV, The DIY Network, and beyond, and is the author of two tiny house-related books- "Humble Homes, Simple Shacks", AND the upcoming book "Microshelters".

Palo Coleman- Bamboo joinery, scroll saw techniques, and more. Palo has spoken at many tiny ouse workshops around the US since 2011.

Above: Palo in "demo mode" at a recent CT workshop....

Chris Haynes- (who you might know from his viral tiny house tour/video on youtube). Chris has built TWO tiny houses- and legally lives in a tiny house right now. Pick his brain!

Dustin "Dr. Demolition" Diedricksen- Environmental Toxicologist who will talk about building with repurposed/salvaged materials, and his experiences with a full family in a small house....
Dustin was also part of our tv show team for HGTV's "Tiny House Builders".


TOUR A TINY HOUSE TOO! You'll see another one as well....

A modified Tumbleweed XS- one of the smallest fully functional tiny houses out there! 

AND this one.... which we built at a previous hands-on workshop! 

So don't miss out! RARELY are workshops this small and intimate!

'Hope to see you there! 


Refund Policy: PLEASE make sure your calendar is clear before signing up. As this workshop is so near, we will not offer refunds, but will VERY fairly offer you a rain check for a future small workshop if you give us notice ahead of time that you won't be making it.