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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

TINY HOUSE LIVE BUILD hits CT- HANDS-ON Build and Design Workshop!

Check out this new kick-butt flyer art from Kevin Fitzpatrick of the guy is fantastic! We're REALLY looking forward to this workshop- one to be held INSIDE an art gallery in Putnam, CT ("The Empty Spaces Project"). Gonna be fun, and we'll ALL build a really cool, funky, cabin together, as well as take on some really creative collaborative art and decor projects! We have MANY guest speakers, teachers, and demos as well, and this little CT town is loaded with great restaurants, and a live-music venue right next door to the build!

The first day of the workshop will also coincide with the gallery opening of NYC artist Maltee Sinanan- whose work is REALLY cool/fun! One of her pieces will also end up within the cabin we build- which will later be open to the public to see for a month or so afterwards.

'Hope to see some of your there- this one is filling up fast. If you want more info, or want to sign up, click the banner link on the top of this blog prior to the workshop date (May 1st, 2015).

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen