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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

HGTV "Tiny House Builders" Host fronts Boston, MA based metalcore-hardcore band.....

Hey, for all your recurrent readers, many of you know that aside from building and designing tiny houses, tree houses, forts, backyard offices, and cabins, I'm really into weird art, beer, comic books, anything nerdy, AND metal and hardcore music. Among my favorite bands (one's I've been inspired by): Madball, Downset, Prong, Iron Maiden, Hatebreed, Rage Against The Machine, Clutch, Coroner, and Pantera. And yes, you'll find hints of all of them in this music video/tune.... or so I feel.

(PS- side announcement- we have a NORTH DAKOTA hands-on Tiny House Building/Art Workshop Coming Up in May!)


(Warning: The video has some covert lyrical social commentary in-it, with a few cliche, cock-of-the-walk, hip-hop, tongue-in-cheek lines.... I wouldn't say its for kids). 

 "Prepare To Scare"- this isn't a normal post for this blog, but we do cover art, music, and books now and again, so I'm tossing it up here.... don't worry, we'll be back to building and tiny houses by the next post! And we'll have more on our Fargo, North Dakota mini, hands-on building workshop!

As for the music video, check it out, and if you'd be so kind, pass it on, as we're 100% independent right now, and worked hard on this self-titled 9 song album. We've been working/writing as "Inverter" since 2012 more or less, but this is our first official release, so give it a whirl. The band really is just a studio project- myself on drums and vocals, and Bill Bracken on guitar and bass, but we're working towards making it a live vehicle and doing some dates down the road. Soon.

Special thanks to Jim Foster of Red 13 Media, who recorded this album at his Framingham Studios, and to Jim (again) and Anthony Lewis, who busted ass with this music video- shot in a mere 4 hours.

If you want to help us out, for a mere $8, you can pick up the album....

CD Baby: 

As for the cut-and-paste press release we grabbed offline from a metal/hardcore news site... from an interview I did a few months back.....

"Mark your calendars as March 16th, 2015 signals the release date for the independent offering from the "new" Boston, Massachusetts-based act/project "Inverter". The two member "band", comprised of Derek "Deek" Diedricksen, and Bill Bracken- both longtime musicians, WBCN FM (CBS Radio) alums and members of the New England scene, has been writing and recording under the "Inverter" moniker since 2012, but this self-titled album stands as their first official full release (at Red 13 Media in Framingham, MA with Jim Foster). Why should we care? Well, for the simple sake of "WTF!?" curiousity, and all-out randomness, we recently found out that frontman Diedricksen had been doing some hosting and design work for both the HGTV and DIY Networks this past year for a show called "Tiny House Builders", which debuted this past December. "HGTV meets HARDCORE and METAL"? We NEVER saw that one coming. Furthermore, if Madball, Downset, or Prong, are your thing, these guys might be right in your wheelhouse. 


Anyway, to those who give it a chance, pick up a copy= THANK YOU!

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen