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Monday, February 16, 2015

The Diedricksen Brothers hit AUSTRALIA (Tiny House Building Workshop)

Boom! Hells yeah!- My brother (Dustin) and I are Australia bound! The Workshop's almost sold out too- only like 6-7 spots left (all before it was really even announced!)... gonna be fun! Again, its HANDS-ON building, and me trying to decipher Australian slang (and them not understanding half of my nonsensical American catch phrases).... I just might have to make a few up just to confuse people. For instance "Can you schlep that noggy boondockle to my krantz briffle (my nizzle)?"- which I'll later explain as meaning "Can you pass my knucklehead brother that 2 by 4?". The later phrase would be quicker, yes, but far less fun to say! 

The people we've been dealing with (who set this up) are GREAT and the build will be in conjunction with this place called "The Bower"- which, more or less, is like a super-cool salvage warehouse/re-store. Commence drooling.... salvage-goods EVERYWHERE!

And MEGA-THANKS to pimp-daddy extraordinaire KEVIN FITZPATRICK from he's done MANY workshop flyers with us- the guy is damn reasonable, prompt, friendly, and sexy as all hell! ;) Check him out if you need any artwork done- he's got a really fun style, and great ideas. I highly recommend him....

And if you don't happen to live down unda'- Dustin and I (with MANY guest speakers, teachers, and more!) have a workshop in Putnam, CT- THREE DAYS long- fully hands on! We'll build and design a tiny art cabin (INSIDE an art gallery downtown), work on a LARGE collaborative art piece or two, and potentially even build a little side project or so.....  so many things to do, see, hear, learn!

Putnam, CT is also home to a converted railroad boxcar which serves as a museum for the author of "The Boxcar Children" book- Gertrude Chandler Warner. We'll probably be touring that too!

The gallery will also be hosting an opening for the awesome artwork of Maltee Sinanan while we're they're as well.... not to mention other cool happenings. We're excited for this event and want to thank  both Paul Toussaint and Ann Monteiro for letting us do this project in their super-cool gallery- "The Empty Spaces Project" (photo of the "build room" below- one of two floors we'll get to use!). Putnam is a GREAT, quaint, little town too! Great food, antique stores, a live music venue next door to our build, and so much beyond that....

If interested in details or signing up, click on the workshop banner on the top of this page before May 1st....

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen


  1. Australia? On my birthday weekend? U bros better bring me back a koala or something. I'm SO dang jealous! Be safe and be careful, those Aussies can drink! K­čĬ

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  3. .. Bugger, I missed it cause I'm 1000 k's from Redfern .. I've got an old Melbourne tram in a country town in Victoria that desperately needs some attention and would make a great weekender .. I also have a block of land on the Hawkesbury river near Sydney that would be a great spot for a relax shack with excellent river views, any volunteers? 8-) .. Was there any video or anything done at Redfern and if so will it be set free? .. Thanks mate, you do great work .. Cheers .. Mark ..

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