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Monday, October 27, 2014

"The Lunar Lander"- an AFFORDABLE and MODERN Tiny House/Backyard Office….

A few people exclaimed "Hey, it kinda reminds me of a lunar lander!". I thought the same myself, hence the name (until we think of something better!)

Check out this cool backyard office/reading retreat cabin that we built outside Boston, MA this past weekend as part of our Tiny House Building and Design Workshop (our TENTH one!). There were MANY demonstrated techniques worked into this one little structure (standing about 11' tall) from framing, cedar shingling, tongue and groove use, and constructing, leveling, and squaring its base, to trim work, roofing (Ondura), and installing a polycarbonate Tuftex wall. The project started as an A-frame, and then I decided on the spot, with a group consensus/approval, "Nah, lets toss in a knee wall, give it a steeper back wall, and give it a modern, asymmetrical front supports". So we did….
The plans are never set, and we build, design, and decide certain things as a group, which is half the fun, If someone has a new or different idea, they can bring it to the plate and try to sell us on it.

It was a fun, involved, and intimate workshop (capped off at only 16 allowed to attend), and the weather was GREAT!


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MANY MORE PHOTOS, including the interior and other close up details (the AWESOME funky door we made, the pallet wall, etc) are coming soon! Once we decorate the interior, we'll also shoot a tour video.

Above: Dustin "Dr. Demolition" Diedricksen helps a student with shingling one side wall of the cabin.

      A salvaged-wood Lego-man art piece looks on as wood hits the chop-saw station for siding….

Kari Cooper works on shelving for the cabin made from disassembled wine boxes, scrap wood, and other salvaged items….

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

Out next HANDS-ON workshop? (above) November 22-23rd in Carolina Beach, NC- right near Wilmington. Its only limited to 20 people, so don't delay! We're all going to build a funky backyard workshop-office near the beach! LOTS of recycled windows will be used- almost a whole wall of them!