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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A tiny house/study pod for an NYU Professor….on wheels

     So here's something I recently finished…. a custom job for an NYU professor, who plans on parking this (its on wheels) near a pond on his cabin property in New Jersey, where he can read, and grade papers. Its not a house, but more a study pod (yet big enough to sleep two), and sits at about 4.5' by 7'- and 5.5' tall. The back is cobbled together with recycled scrap wood from my projects over the years (I save, then use, EVERYTHING). The front smoky/translucent wall is made from polycarbonate roofing called "Tuftex" (, and the floor is polyurethaned bead-board wood taken from a 100 year old home.

I'd love to make another similar-ish one at some point if anyone is ever interested in hiring me to make one too- kidcedar at This one, painted, stained, and with a big ole double-pane window on the side, not to mention the brand new Ondura recycled-material roofing, was $1600.00

Oh yeah, the whole front wall flips open!


Anyway, here's a few shots of it- and for our TREE HOUSE BUILDING WORKSHOP (12 hour hands-on project/course) this sunday July 13th (STILL TWO SLOTS- kidcedar at, we're going to be building something in the vein/style of this- but up in a tree, or course! See the flyer below….

Here's The Tree House Workshop (Dover, NH) Flyer….