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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A fully insulated 12' by 20' Tiny House for $19K? Video Tour….

Check this one out! This is ONE of about 6/7 tiny houses and cabins we got to tour (my brother, Dustin, and I) late last year at The Jamaica Cottage Shop in South Londonderry, VT. Cottage honcho Domenic Mangano gave us about an hour long tour of his facility, and we filmed the experience- which we'll post soon (the full, long, video). Meanwhile, here's a cool snippet of one of the tiny houses we got to check out- a fully assembled cabin, insulated, with great head room, and a 4' by 12' front porch. Its got GREAT potential for a tiny house with the simple addition of a composting toilet and shower, and some divisional wall work. For 19k, just about everything is already done for you.

As he puts it, "We deliver it, and you can sleep in it that very night".

Check them out at