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Friday, March 28, 2014

This DIY TIny House/Cabin wall art OPENS BEER!?

Alright, so I got quite a few emails from my last post on "The Bread Box" tiny cabin that we built at a hands-on workshop last year. Most were asking about the large art piece on the back wall, so here's a close-up, and a little info on it….
       Its also for sale… kidcedar at 

Anyway… (and I'll have a short video soon)
-It opens beer, via the cast iron, blue-bears mouth
-Yes, the propeller spins….
-It has a recycled industrial hook on it (to potentially hang a hat, keys (if by a front door), headphones, etc)
-No, the dinosaur isn't real
-The top of the art piece has a lipped shelf (you can't really see the colored glass bottles on it that well in this photo)
-The bottom lip offers storage for small trinkets as well….
-The back base is ALL cedar, and smells pretty darn nice!
-The scraps are from numerous cabins and projects I've done over the years for magazines, Make TV, HGTV, and beyond…. in essence, its made from numerous pieces of most of the cabins I've built and designed!

If you missed some other weird (and for sale too) art of mine…. here's a semi-recent video….

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen