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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Build a funky, funky TINY HOUSE by a "Bottle Tree"?? Out Next Workshop….

So, as many of you might know by now, we have a HUGE, FUN, DANG-EXCITING, HANDS-ON workshop coming up- one revolving around tiny house building, alternative-material construction, and well, funky art, and other experimental design and decor approaches. We'll build two, if not THREE, tiny structures near Memphis, theres camping, bonfire discussions, speakers, live demos, and….

We'll TOUR SIX TINY HOUSES- RIGHT on the premises….

Anyway, since post-workshop hours, the bonfire folks are welcome to b.y.o.b., we always end up with quite a few glass and plastic bottles on hands…. which we recycled, OR can do something else with….

So right next to one of the insanely unusual and colorful cabins we're gonna build, WHY NOT MAKE ONE OF THESE???

All we need is a post, a few dowels, and some nails, and long landscaping spikes…. It'll also serve as an introduction to mixing and setting posts in concrete- one of the 4,087 things we'll cover, and that you'll SEE at the workshop!

Check out this video- shot in an otherworldly locale- the Matlacha, Florida studio and shop of Leoma Lovegrove ( ) . I have a full video tour on her place and art soon too!

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen