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Saturday, January 11, 2014

SIXTEEN tiny houses, A-frames, Huts, Art Studios….An eye candy photo gallery

Every once in awhile, I look through my photo archives and realize "Man, I have a lot of photos I've never used", so I then put together a fun, photo gallery, such as this one, where many of these shots I've taken of cabins, tiny houses, A-frames, and huts, get to see the light of day. So Enjoy, and may you get some inspiration, or a few ideas from these!
    Also, check out our fb page on Tiny Houses, and DIY projects-
And details on our upcoming HANDS-ON building and design workshop in Memphis, TN- April 11-13th, 20141 I can't wait!!!

 A lil' A-frame Cottage-rental office I spotted near Acadia National Park in Maine….

 Doug Immel's Tumbleweed Fencl- which came out to our last Building Workshop

 Joe Everson's Work- a 192 Square Foot Tiny Home in TN

 Above: My "Rock Shack" in my backyard, built and designed with recycled materials

 Another cabin on wheels called "The Cub" which I built and designed too- plans eventually coming!

 We built and designed this little getaway cabin in the woods for Vermont for only $300!

 Another reading/writer's retreat I designed in MA (not finished in this photo)

 An A-frame design of mine (it transforms!)- more details and photos coming soon!

 A tiny house in CT

 Another view of my Rock Shack (the one photo here I didn't take- its from Andrew Prince)

 Jim Matus' backwoods cabin in MA

 A micro modern cabin in MA that we recently toured!

My trash-built Gypsy Junker cabin that I built and designed (it sold last year)

A great A-frame I spotted on a road trip near VT

 Incomplete: A cabin I'm working on called "The Periscope"

I built and designed this tree house in late 2013 for a client near Boston, MA

A yurt, one you'll see, and possibly get to stay in, at our Memphis Hands-On Building and Design Workshop 2014

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

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  1. We just bought a new washer and gave our 4 year old grandson the box to play with. He slept in it last night his mother said. I laughed and thought of the tiny house movement, so I shared this site to his Mom's phone. I'm sure the magic markers will come out now.

  2. I have a question for all you "Tiny House" Veterans?
    I currently live alone in a 2-room apt. and 'love' small, cozy spaces!
    I live in the Kansas City, Mo. metro area and would like to stay within around a (50+) or so mile radius do to my Drs because I am on disability. So of course thus meaning I also have an extremely limited ($716.00) per month Total! Seriously!
    However, I can't give up on my Dream, I just can't!
    I have Never, owned a home of my own, I have spent my entire life working and raising kids.
    I just want my "very own place"
    I don't care if it's made out of a Shack, if it's livable, and I can own the land/spot it sits on...I want it!
    Oh, Did I forget to mention I don't own a vehilce?
    My ex-husband took it when I started having Seizures :(
    Anyway, God Bless Anyone and Everyone willing to help me Find My Shack to live in :)

  3. PLEASE!!! / NO-REALTORS!!!!
    Oh sorry my email is

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