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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Deek, I'm looking to put a BAR in my tiny house, any ideas?

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Made with an old, defunct, tv set, this makeshift bar adds a heck of a lot of character to any room, and might work well, for those in need, in a tiny house or cabin.

So I got an email, pretty recently, from a guy who was looking to build a tiny house (10' by 15' was the plan), and he was concerned about entertaining people, as it was something he did a lot of. "Deek, I'm looking to put a BAR in my tiny house, any ideas"?

Well, in terms of space, you'd certainly be limited with a house that is only 150 square feet, so as I got thinking about it, a felt a traditional bar wouldn't make much sense, but then I stumbled across this gorgeous photo on pinterest, and thought this might be fun route to take.

While this doesn't really have the traditional counter space a normal bar would, it has a few things a run-of-the-mill bar might not….

1. Its a heck of a focal point in a room
2. Its a conversation starter
3. Its made from otherwise useless recycled goods
4. It'd cost almost nothing to make
5. It doesn't take up an insane amount of space

Additional drink mixing (if need be, as you do have the tv top already) could be done on a fold-down (from the wall) table of sorts, but in terms of liquor storage with a twist, this project is pretty incredible! Not to mention incredibly easy….

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen