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Thursday, December 26, 2013

The World's Smallest SOLAR powered TV-Entertainment Projection System? In a Tiny House....

So, if you missed my recent tiny house tour of "A FULLY LEGAL 252 Square Foot Home" (also below), a ways into it, Chris Haynes, from showed us a very clever 12v-DC entertainment system- one that runs off only 18 watts. This projector and Roku combo, broadcasts a 50" image onto Chris' white walls, and is so small, you'd barely notice its there....making it such a great idea for small or tiny homes.

Check out the video snippet here, as Chris talks more about it....
AND REMEMBER, SOON, we'll have details on the April 11th-13th HANDS-ON TINY HOUSE BUILDING AND DESIGN WORKSHOP outside Wilmington, NC- This one will be off-grid- WITH  CAMPING, A YURT being set-up, Bonfire Discussions, Guest Speakers, and so much more! kid cedar at if interested.

Here's the FULL TOUR of his home too! 

MY BOOK.... Tiny Cabin and Shelter Concepts....


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