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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Stunt Man Jumps Over Tiny House/Cabin In Woods- Breaks Neck....

Given the sad news, I was hesitant to report this one, but it is tiny house related, if by photo alone....

Yars Slorgensen, a Finnish stunt man, while recently on the set of a new Keanu Reeves film "The Big Whoa", after failing to land an eighteen foot launch over a backwoods cabin being filmed for a chase scene in the films finale, received fractures to his skull, multiple lacerations to the face, and is now under intensive care at Boston's Beth Israel Hospital having broken his neck. It is expected that the stunt actor, whose daredevil tactics have been featured in other such films as "Meatballs 4", "Air Bud", and "Gigli", will recover, but doctor's have reported that his road to recovery will not be a short one.
      Slorgensen, as reported by his management firm, was also readying himself for work in "Back To The Future 4", with principal shooting to begin next month. The long anticipated Steven Spielberg-helmed follow-up has set internet film chat rooms aglow, and was to be the stunt man's largest role to date. (Source: The Boston Herald)

Still shot from "The Big Whoa" courtesy of Universal Pictures/Reuters

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

Article reprinted with permission from "Noneofitwastrue" Pictures Inc.
(Its really just my brother Dustin, catching air for a still photo on a recent cabin shoot we did
in the Berkshires- in Massachusetts). He's still alive and well- although I think he ended up crushing some oyster crackers in his pocket when he landed the jump.