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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A RATHER UNUSUAL Homemade Space Heater/Heat for your tiny house/cabin/workshop.....

Here's a great little video from Steven Harrell, who has really been stepping things up with his videos and diy projects over at This particular video shows a heater he built that utilizes tea lights, and thermal lag, to hold the released heat for a greater period of time. Its based on the idea of the flower pot room heaters that have been going viral online, but with a better twist, in my opinion. His video tutorial is pretty thorough, as he even takes timed temperature readings as the heater begins to warm up the room.

Basically, this little space heater is made with candles, a metal paint can with holes drilled into it for air intake, with a cast iron skillet sitting on the pail (filled with broken bits of bricks), which has a cover placed atop it (for greater thermal mass and absorption).

Check out the video, I think you'll enjoy it....

AND, for those who missed my last video- A TREE HOUSE tour- one I built and designed just outside of Boston, MA- here that one is as well.
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