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Sunday, October 27, 2013

"The Periscope"- A NEW Tiny Cabin that'll be at my building workshop.....

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The top portion of this cabin/tiny guest house is clad in tongue and groove cedar- from my friends over at in Albany, VT. The lone cinderblock is no longer bearing the weight of this cabin, and will soon be removed (there is a post hidden behind it). 

Here's something I've been working on lately- a "procrastination build", while I should be working on other things.... I'm dubbing it "The Periscope" for now, as its so tall and narrow- and no, it won't tip over and is perfectly save. It can easily be anchored to the ground too.
    When finished, it'll stand at over 13' in height, will feature a small sleep loft, and even a tiny bathroom with a composting toilet. It'll be heated by either a Dickinson Boat Stove, OR a candle (no, not really, but this thing is SMALL, and will heat up EASILY, even without being insulated- I'll later shoot a video to prove this). It could make for a very simple vacation cabin, or even a home for an especially minimal, and daring, individual. The front, tetris-like, framing also doubles as shelving, and a few other funky bells n whistles will be worked in too. For eventual sale/transport, the roof top half can be taken apart, while the lower cube would be pulled onto a flatbed tow truck. Price- no clue- maybe $5000 when its fully outfitted- it all depends on how crazy I go with this thing.

It will be around, alongside 4-5 other cabins, AND a visiting Tumbleweed Fencl, for attendees to see at my upcoming Nov. 15-17th workshop here in MA.

The front of "The Periscope" is covered with transparent, durable, polycarbonate roofing from a company/brand called "TUFTEX". This stuff can be doubled, back to back, for a better seal, and an increased R value through its creation of a sealed air pocket. 

Oh yeah, most of the materials used in this were free and salvaged from an enormous stretch of fencing that was blown down in Hurricane Sandy up here in Massachusetts. 

If you dig the recycled-material-building approach, and off-the-wall tiny shelter and cabin concepts, check out my book.... THANKS! 

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen


  1. Two Tuftex related questions, how is it sealed on the sides given the tuftex's waveform cross-section? Two does tuftex cloud up over time due to exposure?

    1. You can seal the panels with a fitted foam sealer piece they sell - really easy to install. Tuftex in a vertical application (where its not harboring leaves, pine sap, etc) won't cloud for a loooong time. We had a side entrance roof with the stuff growing up, which lasted us over 20 years too....

  2. Hey Mr. Deek! Dis is ur funkiest one yet. Can't wait to c it in person! K��

  3. I wish I could make it to the workshop! I really love this...
    Please post some competed pictures of the Cub too...I'm dyin' here!!! I may have to have you build, or help me design my you have a ton of spare
    love this one...inside pictures soon???

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