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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Check our THIS unusual and rare tiny heater (for your tiny house?)

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Steampunk Meets Tiny House Heaters? 

Unfortunately kerosene is pretty fragrant, and even illegal in some states, but its still widely used for heat in both permanent, and temporary, or emergency situations. As a kid in CT, during hurricane Gloria, we lost power for over a week. If it hadn't been for our Sun Kerosene heater (one we nicknamed "Roberta"- it kinda looked like a robot), we would have been in severe trouble. It provided a TON of heat, and even had a cooking surface on top of it.

But here's a look at a much older version of a gravity-fed, kerosene heater- one I spotted at an antique mall outside Waterville, ME this summer.

Its so unique looking, standing even as a mere art piece, that I'd love to own something like this for a
backwoods cabin.

These were made by the Holyoke Heater Company in Holyoke, MA, a manufacturer that also made kero-fired hot water heaters.

I have never seen another once since and can't find jack for these online- shoulda' grabbed it! D'oh!

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen