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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Carefree Small Buildings of Old Saybrook, CT- Their $12,000 Cottage.....

This little backyard cottage is 12' by 24' in size.... it even has flower boxes!

I was visiting family in CT the other weekend, and my father recommended I swing by the Westbrook/Old Saybrook town line to check out "Carefree Small Buildings", an area shed and cottage company.
So, naturally, being a tiny structure addict, I did, and snapped a few photos as I walked around.

'LOVE this table- I'd actually like to get one like this for my own living/dining has LOTS of character with the cedar legs and the planked top.

The great thing with a porch like this is that it could EASILY be enclosed later on, effectively doubling your interior living space....

Its fairly spacious inside, and those double bay doors for a riding lawnmower could be filled in easily with a set or sliders, or a nice big window. The wall work is 16" on-center too, and its real plywood, not that OSB junk, so off the bat, I like these places and they do seem durable as compared to many others.

There IS a good deal of lofted storage space above the porch, not enough to sleep in really, but enough to tuck many things out of sight.

A view from the front. This would be perfect by a lake. The Cupola is a nice touch too!

"The Attic"

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