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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Tiny House Village Idea? Abandoned Cabins near Crawford Notch, NH

      After seeing quite a few roadside pheasants, a black bear (my first- I TRIED to get photo after turning around on the main drag), and a moose as well, I saw this collection of tiny houses, no longer in use, outside of Crawford Notch in New Hampshire. These, once upon a time, were probably camps or roadside motel-style cabins. There were over a dozen of them in all, most of them identical, just sitting there, not being used. Some of them had sagging roofs, while others looked to be in rather good shape. The driveway to them was chained and blocked off, but there was a main office/home building, that was being lived in.
    Here's where I would do some door knocking if I were looking for salvaged materials (while careful not to get shot!), OR to purchase and move an entire cabin (as a whole, or piece by piece). I'm sure one of these could be had VERY cheaply, and heck, they're not being used, so chances are the owners might sell one, or all of them.
     There are also so many of these kind of rundown cabin camps in NH, VT, and Maine, and here might be an opportunity for a tiny house village, one more environmentally friendly, and more affordable, as all the houses are already there, these micro-structures are grandfathered in, and the materials are already on hand.
   Just an that'd need some "elbow grease" of course....

As you'll notice, the houses are only up on cinderblocks, so you could remove the porch, separate the back addition, and haul the main body of the cabin on a large flatbed rental tow truck. This piece would be about 10-12 feet wide, at most...

'The Blur Of A Black Bear"- all we could photograph by the time we got our camera out....

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen