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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Small House Eye Candy- a Cottage RIGHT on the marsh- Madison, CT

A SMALL HOUSE in MADISON, CT, RIGHT on the marsh near Hammonassett State Park. 
Growing up, this was always my favorite dream locale for a small home (well, not when the hurricanes hit). I couldn't get a more revealing shot of the place without majorly trespassing, but I think the locale speaks for itself. Just add a mini dock, a kayak or two, and its heaven.  \

Coming soon, MANY photos from the Yestermorrow Tiny House Fair that I took/attended, and shots of "The Cub" micro-house that I've been working on (which debuted at Yestermorrow). 

Above: a more expansive view, showing just how private (and amazing) this lot is! 

While in Madison, we also stayed at a super-cool little beach cottage (400 square feet)- part of the Beech Tree Inn/Cottages near the state park- highly recommended. More on that soon! 

Photos by Derek "Deek" Diedricksen