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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Tiny House Building Workshop in Wilmington, NC- Photo recap...Part 1

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Sans trim (and more)- Making progress on "The Darrington" Tiny House/Cabin- a 96 square foot, panelized, design of mine (plans to come someday). The name is a combination of "Deek" and "Harrington" (Kevin Harrington of, who has helped/backed so many of my videos). 


Well, its only been a few days since the Wilmington, NC Tiny House Building Workshop (sold out!) that Steven Harrell and I hosted (Steven from, and now having recovered a bit from all the hard work and lack of sleep that goes along with a three day build, I have to say, I had an absolute blast- as did others. THANK YOU, those who came out to be part of it, and to those who were our guest speakers! It was a large group (about 45 with the speakers), but we managed to pull it off! North Carolina was gorgeous too, and has such a funky, fun, free-thinking vibe about it- I'll be back!

What a crew! A few were missing too....
Kent Griswold from
Alex Pino from
Andrew Odom of
Ryan Mitchell of
Laura Lavoie and Matt from
Dustin Diedricksen- Environmental Engineer, and all-around building maniac
Mariah Coz and Matt from

AND Joe Everson (and Kristen) from who DROVE SIXTEEN HOURS to bring us a tiny house that he built JUST FOR THIS WORKSHOP. This guy is about as hardworking as they come! His new tiny house "The Outhouse" was GREAT too! A mere SIXTY SQUARE feet, and I'll have a full video tour up VERY, VERY soon! Loved it!

Joe Everson from giving an overview (before a tour/walk-through) of his tiny house on wheels, "The Outhouse"). We'll have a full post on this place soon, with a TON of photos I took!
Dustin "Dr. Demolition" Diedricksen- 6' 5" 260 lbs- shows the group that our canopy-door/wall header isn't going anywhere!

 We also had Roy St. Clair from TUFTEX roofing and siding come out to give us a very cool demonstration (more on that soon) about their products- which we used in the build (and I've used 200 times before). Their ONDURA roofing is made from recycled products, lasts a LONG time, isn't as noisy as metal roofing, durable as heck, and MADE IN THE USA (which is getting rare these days!). I was so impressed that I'll have to do another separate post soon. Meanwhile, check out...

Roy talks about Tuftex and Ondura roofing (which can withstand wind loads of 200 mph!!!)
All in all, aside from the workshop/building, it was SO MUCH FUN to get to meet so many people, bloggers, builders, designers, and authors, that I had been talking to online for years, but never had met in person.

If I'm forgetting anyone, the coffee hasn't set in yet, and there will be PLENTY more posts!

Also, and I'll talk more about it soon, but it looks like I might have a Massachusetts TREE HOUSE and TINY HOUSE Building Workshop the weekend of July 27th! Speakers, Hands-On Building, Tours of my work and cabins (and others), and MORE!!!! With camping options (or staying in my cabins) perhaps!
Stay tuned!!!! kidcedar at if you want to be reminded, or reserve a space....

PS- lots of news concerning some happening with many or our guest speakers too- from books being released, to future workshops of theirs! We'll talk about some of that soon!

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen (as always, a link to my book below, if interested/if you'd be so kind)....