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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Cave Man Coffee Table (DIY- Recycled Material- Less than $1.00 to make!)

This is about as "un-fancy" as it gets, but heck, it works, and cost me less than $1.00, and barely any time at all!
     Some neighbors of mine had A LOT of arbor work done, and were generous enough to let me have all the logs (which heated my home for a winter and a half), and while sorting through the pile, I came across this stump piece, which had a very broad base.

-I flipped it over
-Painted it with a tiny bit of some mistake paint I bought for almost nothing at Home Depot (exterior paint)
-Was finished.

Cave Man like! 

If I wanted to make it taller/higher, I could EASILY add some scrap-block legs. You can sand it down for a nicer/smoother finish too, and coat it in polyurethane as well, if you wanted to use if for an indoor table.

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen


  1. Looks good, Deek! I like it without legs. :)

  2. Euell Gibbons had a story of a similar table, found a drift wood stump, trimmed it on 2 parallel planes, cut a glass top to follow the outline, and sold it to a decorator for 3x what the glass cost him; and from the speed at which his asking price was accepted figures he could probably have gotten more... you may have found a new side business!
    (Beachcomber's handbook, if I recollect correctly)