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Thursday, March 21, 2013

WIN a full set of Jamaica Cottage Shop Cabin/Tiny House Plans This is their "Vermonter" Cabin....MORE BELOW....

 Plans, Shirt, Book.....Good Luck!

    As promised, I have a full set of hard copy plans- and VERY detailed ones too, for the "Writer's Haven" cabin/tiny house that we recently posted on here. I'd like you give these away to one lucky winner, and to enter, simply hit up our new facebook page, and in the appropriate thread, enter your recycled-construction thrift tip. The best one wins! (US shipping only- sorry, although if we get a non-US winner, I can email you some awesome plans from Dee Williams and Portland Alternative Dwellings for their Vardo (Gypsy Wagon-like mini dwelling)). We'll pick the winner after this weekend.

Oh yeah, I'll also toss in a really cool long sleeve shirt from the Jamaica Cottage Shop as well! AND Lloyd Kahn's MINI-BOOK version of "Tiny Homes, Simple Shelter"! Lloyd printed these in a limited run, so they're somewhat hard to come by.

Good Luck!!!
MORE photos from JamaicaCottageShop...

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen


  1. I am working on an old 15' x 3' steel watering tank that has rusted through on the bottom. I am cutting it in half (across the short dimension) and plan to fit some white oak lumber (from a tree that blew over in a storm here on the farm) to close the end. Then I will fill it with topsoil and compost for a raised lettuce and tomato bed. The bed will flank the opening to a 10x14 foot chicken house I rebuilt from an old smokehouse.

    1. If you find an old wooden water tank that is not in use but still has not cracked badly; offer to remove it for the lumber, you will get some of best and most beautiful wood anywhere.

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