Tiny House Summer Camp 5

Thursday, March 21, 2013

WIN a full set of Jamaica Cottage Shop Cabin/Tiny House Plans

 JamaicaCottageShop.com This is their "Vermonter" Cabin....MORE BELOW....

 Plans, Shirt, Book.....Good Luck!

    As promised, I have a full set of hard copy plans- and VERY detailed ones too, for the "Writer's Haven" cabin/tiny house that we recently posted on here. I'd like you give these away to one lucky winner, and to enter, simply hit up our new facebook page www.facebook.com/tinyhousehub, and in the appropriate thread, enter your recycled-construction thrift tip. The best one wins! (US shipping only- sorry, although if we get a non-US winner, I can email you some awesome plans from Dee Williams and Portland Alternative Dwellings for their Vardo (Gypsy Wagon-like mini dwelling)). We'll pick the winner after this weekend.

Oh yeah, I'll also toss in a really cool long sleeve shirt from the Jamaica Cottage Shop as well! AND Lloyd Kahn's MINI-BOOK version of "Tiny Homes, Simple Shelter"! Lloyd printed these in a limited run, so they're somewhat hard to come by.

Good Luck!!!
MORE photos from JamaicaCottageShop...

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen


  1. I am working on an old 15' x 3' steel watering tank that has rusted through on the bottom. I am cutting it in half (across the short dimension) and plan to fit some white oak lumber (from a tree that blew over in a storm here on the farm) to close the end. Then I will fill it with topsoil and compost for a raised lettuce and tomato bed. The bed will flank the opening to a 10x14 foot chicken house I rebuilt from an old smokehouse.

    1. If you find an old wooden water tank that is not in use but still has not cracked badly; offer to remove it for the lumber, you will get some of best and most beautiful wood anywhere.

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