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Monday, March 18, 2013

Judy Harding's Tree House Cabin in Glacier, WA.....

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I caught a glimpse of this incredible tree house cabin online a ways back and was able to contact its owner Judy, who was willing to share more information, and additional photos. Its located in Glacier, WA, and has quite the view, as you'll see below! I LOVE the large bay of windows in the front- its what attracted me to this cabin in the first place- heck, stick it on the ground, and it'd make for a great looking tiny house/micro home as well!

Here's what Judy had to say....

     My tree house was built on a whim.  I had grown up wanting three things: a swimming pool, a convertible and a tree house.  The first two were easy enough, but a tree house seemed impractical and unduly whimsical, so I put that on the back burner.

     One day, when I was talking to some friends in Glacier, WA. and mentioned wanting a tree house for my grandchildren (I was 65 by this time), someone told me of a local kid who had built a tree house out of recycled materials and was currently living in it.  Ben turned out to be a young fellow who lived close to the land, and didn't even own a car or telephone, but I eventually located him and started plans to make a modest little play house.  He teamed up with another local woodsman, Casey Coe, who had a truck and the proper tools, and they began what turned out to be a rather extravagant project, more of a temple for me than a play space for the kids! 

    I use my tree house as a place to meet privately with friends, to display local art, to offer overnight lodging for snowboarders, to pray and just to observe Glacier Creek, which flows below, and watch the deer, the eagles (and once a bear)!.  
    Over 300 people have come to see my tree house and signed my guest book, including the main builder from Pete Nelson's tree house workshop in Seattle, who gave his stamp of approval and took some notes to share with his team.

This is one of the tree houses (alongside cabins, tiny houses, kid's forts, yurts, and more) that I plan to feature in my next book- a VERY DIFFERENT follow-up to my book "Humble Homes, Simple Shacks". Kidcedar at if you have any photos, or builds, that you'd like to share!