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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A new $40 Compact Washing Machine (attn; Tiny House/Cabin Dwellers)

 "It looks like a cooler, but its actually MUCH cooler than that!"


I get this question ALL of the time at my building workshops- "Can you fit a washing machine in a tiny house?"- Well, yes, you often can, depending on your priorities, but they take up a ton of space.....well, until this one came along!

Invented by Alex Cabunoc and Ji A You, this one's called the GiraDora, which is a combination washer and spin-dryer, all in one, that is foot powered! This was intended for developing countries to help break the cycle of poverty, by freeing up time, creating potential jobs (paid laundry service would become possible when it no longer takes upwards of 6 hours per load the old way), and was crafted to be ergonomically efficient. As you can see below, once loaded with soap and water, the user can sit atop the washer (with a padded top), and operate the foot pedal in a less labor-intensive manner. As a drummer, "bass drum pedal" immediately comes to mind- something I use/depress literally thousands of times each night I gig with my band DEFDEALER, so I know first hand, that this wouldn't be too tough to operate....and just maybe I could work on my rhythmic skills at the same time! Laundry the old way involves a lot of bending and stretching, so this is certainly an ingenious product. I'd LOVE to try one of these out sometime!

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-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen