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Monday, February 18, 2013

A Tumbleweed Tiny House Sighting near Muir Woods, CA

Tumbleweed Sighting, and Deek's Favorite Tiny House Books List....

I was in the San Francisco area a few months back (a long, fun, haul for an East Coaster like me- what a town!), to shoot a few tiny house tours/episodes for my youtube show "Tiny Yellow House" ( and for content photos on a new book I've been working on, when I saw this! Its a Tumbleweed Fencl, RIGHT outside the gates of Muir Woods, at the parks maintenance and ranger station- how cool! The area was fenced in, and I couldn't get any closer, but I stopped my car, turned around, and snapped this photo.

A lot of the photos I've taken on these trips are not only going to be in my follow-up book to "Humble Homes, Simple Shacks", but are being incorporated into a slide-show of inspirational tiny houses that is one facet of my presentations for the Tumbleweed Workshops that I teach around the country. This slide show presents some of the dos and don't of tiny house construction, and design approach, while also showing off some exceptional, clever, and bizarre deviations people have taken on the Tumbleweed plan designs- and beyond. Domes, Tree houses, Floating Homes, Tiny Houses built from Recycled Materials....they're all in there!

Upcoming, I'm teaching workshops in..... 

For independently:
Wilmington, NC- April 26th-28th- almost sold out....

For Tumbleweed:
Austin, TX
Nashville, TN
Boston, MA (make up date from the Blizzard)

Note: The Chernobyl Workshop is now on hold for some reason.

I hope to see some of you there and share my addiction and knowledge of tiny houses and design with you all!
-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

Also, if you missed it, here's a video I did, on what I feel are some of THE BEST tiny house books out there.....