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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Finnish Tiny House/Sauna AND Houseboat...

A mobile sauna in Finland, built/designed by the London-based architects Denizen Works

I felt this little cabin on skids (making it "mobile" which allowed it to be permissable by the local building ordinances) stood as what could be a great (and simple) tiny house or vacation cabin, or even a great little floating home/houseboat, aside from its obvious and intended use as a sauna. The skids enable the whole structure to be pulled onto the ice in the winter, where the sauna's occupants could open up a swim hole in the ice for a post-sweat plunge. 
The building was made with locally sourced lumber, and its windows are all recycled. 
All photos by Tiina Tervo

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen


  1. How *very* unfair, to do a post of a sauna without showing the stove! I have a goal to (save up for and) build a tiny sauna, but haven't figured how to fit the stove in there.

    1.'re right....the architect didn't have any photos of it in their portfolio.....strange....

  2. WOW! That sure a wonderful mobile sauna! A mobile sauna can be a great room to place beside a lake. The view is relaxing, and adding the sauna will make it perfect! I love how that sweat bath is giving me a lift during my stressful days. I have a sauna built at home, and it’s as small as the sauna here. Technologies are changing now, and small saunas are part of that change. I also wonder how the stove fits there, but I guess that’s a manufacturer’s secret. :D

    - Neil Dalby -

  3. A mobile sauna like this is a treat to have in such a cold place like Finland. You could bring it anywhere you want and do sauna-ing anytime you wish. This sauna is beautifully designed; it’s simple yet elegant. Wouldn't it be nice to have this kind of sauna at your own place? ->iHealth Saunas