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Friday, January 11, 2013

A Cartoonish, Funky Art Shed/Shack/Guest House

FIRST, there's a new tiny house related site that just came out, and I'll have much more on it tomorrow 
Sheesh, just when my productivity was coming back, out comes another addictive tiny housing site!

This cabin is serving as temporary storage for a few vintage heaters I'm working on restoring as well (in the right side of the photo)- A perfection kerosene heater (only to be used in a well ventilated room! And a old Sears model knock-off)
"THE A.D.D. Micro-Cabin of Bizarro Art, and Over-The-Top Color"
 From the land of misfit art....
Here's where I've been spending some time lately, working on ideas for my next book on tiny houses, forts, shacks, tree houses, cabins, n''ll be quite a bit different from "Humble Homes, Simple Shacks"- with some team-ups with a few kick-butt architects in the field!

This little eight by eight prefabricated cabin/shed studio/office still has quite a ways to go, but I'm slowly getting there- all the while accumulating more weird and colorful art to display in it.....

Again, with the addition of a deck, a grill spot, some insulation and a little add-on bathroom, I've contemplated using this as a tiny, tiny house/cabin rental on One for a micro artists or writers retreat perhaps- it'd even come pre-loaded with some art supplies, a library of ultra out-there books, and more...

Eventually, I think I'm going to give this cabin a tongue and groove floor- it'll cost me a little bit, but when coated with a few layers of polyurethane, it'll look GREAT!

Yeah, I've got a think for weird, voodoo-lookin' owl figures as of idea why....the other orange one you might see in some photos, was a recent gift from my brother, who is my "owl enabler", apparently.

The Shack, from out back....

Suffice to say, my kids love playing in this little place....

ALOT of PEOPLE ASK ME ABOUT THE LANTERN HANGER- So, here's the video explaining....

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen (all photos by...)


  1. Hi, good art.....thanks for sharing.

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