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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Tiny Turtle- A 40 square foot tiny house/guest cabin on wheels!

Introducing my latest (of about ten!) projects- "The Tiny Turtle". THIS was the project we worked on for three days, as a group, at my sold-out workshop here in Stoughton, MA. What a GREAT group of people, and from all over the map too- Oregon, Kansas, Pennsylvania, New York, Kentucky, Canada, North Carolina, and beyond!

40 square feet or so, not counting a micro-loft....the trailer is just over 5' wide, and 8' long.

MANY, MANY MORE photos to come, and more of a background on this project, and its specs too! Tinyhouseblog (Kent Griswold), and TinyHouseListings (Steven Harrell) will also have much more on this (prob more than I'll post myself). Steven Harrell actually made the trek out here for the workshop (a super good dude, and a trooper), STAYED in the "All Eights Cabin", and took a slew of photos himself, which you'll be seeing over at his site, so DEFINITELY check out Steven and Kent's realms.

Special thanks to Dustin "Dr. Demoltion" Diedricksen, my brother/best amigo, who was more than a help, and our other instructor at this workshop. He and I will be finishing off this cabin ourselves- if we don't freeze to death doing so!

STILL working on a new tiny house, tiny playhouse, shack, fort, tree house, houseboat, and shelter book- if you have photos of one you saw, or built, send 'em to kidcedar at gmail dot com. This book will be a follow-up to "Humble Homes, Simple Shacks" (which you can order below).