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Thursday, November 29, 2012

One WACKY playhouse/tiny house? Shed Office potential?

I can't find a building-credit on this one- anyone? Its just SO cool!

This one's meant as a kids clubhouse/playhouse/fort, but swap it out with a better/"more adult" door and what a cool, colorful, and funky tiny house or backyard shed office this would be! It even has an outdoor bar, a built in chair, deck, and a climbing wall!

THESE are some of the wild builds, photos, and designs I'm looking for in the follow-up book (to "Humble Homes, Simple Shacks") that I'm working on- if you've built a tree house, fort, bizarre tiny house, playhouse, or shed conversion, send it over to and we might showcase you on the blog AND perhaps in this book.

PS- I also run another fledgling blog called if you like this type stuff, its a fun little, eye-candy, blog. 

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen


  1. The url "whoforted" is pretty funny, Deek.. :) Great blog! Who doesn't like forts? I'd say what guy doesn't like them, er, what boy.. but, I met a grown up woman who actually ran away from home at 16 and lived in one, until it caught on fire.. (tip: never build a fire on top of tree roots.. the fire can travel through the root system and start a fire, elsewhere!)

  2. btw this looks like you could make it out of pallets and some plywood, etc.. and lots of bright paint.. how about painting a playhouse to look like LEGO blocks?

  3. Lovely! The color is just adorable, indeed created for kids. For sure my kids would love to have a shed playhouse like that! ~