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Monday, October 15, 2012

GRK Screws for finish work on your house building project (or anything)

Whether its a tiny house, regular sized house, clubhouse, or even a birdhouse, I just wanted to spread the word on these GRK Screws (and no, I haven't been paid, or sent screws, to say any of this).
    While building a few shelters and playhouses for a few upcoming DIY Network segments I've been hosting and designing for, we've been using these small-headed screws which are great for finish work. WHY? Instead of sinking then countersinking finish nails or brads, or dragging out the air compressor and nail gun, the heads of these screws are so small (yet still large enough to hold strong) that you can get away with using them for finish work in many cases!
    These have definitely been a time saver on the set for us, so check 'em out if you have a chance. Also, they drive with a normal phillips head bit. 

Here's a profile shot of what these look like to give you a better idea....

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen


  1. What's the purpose of the reverse thread near the top? To 'drill out' clearance for counter sinking the drive head?

    1. Found this on the GRK site:

      "After extensive testing, GRK has found that the revenge thread on the 'RT Composite Trim Head Screw' helps the screw disappear beneath the surface of the wood composite material, reducing or eliminating the dimple that sometimes appears when using the 'FIN/Trim Screw'

      Hope that answers it...:/

  2. Interesting. Looks like a worthy alternative to my trusty go-to drywall screws. I'll pick up a box next hardware store run.

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