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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Could YOU live in this tiny home?

Well, sorry for missing a day or two of posting- I've been breakin' my back building another cool micro-structure for a show I'm hosting/filming for the DIY Network- this one came out GREAT (even better than I had hoped) and I can't wait til these segments air. Sadly, for whatever reason, I'm not really supposed to show any photos of this stuff until the show is public, but after that, its no-holds barred- I've taken tons of cool photos of these treehouses, playhouses, shelters, and more, and I can't wait to share them.

By the way, for awhile, I'll be calling out for submissions for a future book on not only tiny houses and cabins, but kids playhouses, tree houses, forts, and so on. Email me your projects or photos you've personally taken at kidcedar at gmail dot com. Thanks!

Meanwhile, I spotted this schematic over on a cool site called What's your take on this tiny house interior? Could you live in it? What would you improve on? What works well?

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen


  1. I could live there. Only thing I'd add is another window.

  2. wow - that's a pretty incredible use of space

    I could totally live there

  3. I would totally live there, but I would want some sort of washer and dryer. Stacked of course.

  4. It looks like about 225 Sq Ft. When I had my studio apartment I was comfortable, so that would probably work out just fine.

  5. add a big porch and that looks about perfect!

  6. I could totally live in a space like this - me, my hubby and our cat. I love the really maximizes the amount of usable space. I love the finishings as well - it makes it feel very luxurious!

    Thanks for sharing this Deek!

  7. I love this kitchen!
    Is the bed a loft? Seems to me it should be, so that the space underneath it connects up with the space at the foot of the bed, which is awkwardly disconnected otherwise.

    Question (totally unrelated to this layout): if we'd like to spend the night in a tiny house, where would we find one? Is there a directory of tiny B&Bs, cabins and other rentals?

  8. I love this one Deek but would need more windows/patio door off the living room. I love the lines on the floor and think that this helps to grow the space in terms of the flow of non-linear visual interest.
    Good find!
    xo L

  9. My wife and I lived in a studio that was a little bit smaller than this in London for 6 months. Learned a couple things from that space that applies to this one. 1) separate the kitchen table thing from the wall and the rest of the counter that way you can move it around if you want to fit more people. 2) move the stove top away from the sink, want to have prep space between the sink and the stove, this lets two people work in there at once. Also putting the stove near the window lets you open the window and vent out when you accidently over cook bacon. 3)If you have a small bathroom (can't quite figure out how big this one is) make it a wet room, it makes it easier to clean everything and you can open the entire space up for the shower. 4) I'd put more storage above the bed too. Overall it is a great space that two people could comfortably live in.

  10. Love it! Are there any more details? A link to the article?

  11. Of course I can! But I must find a place for a good terracotta stove...
    The only viable place I see, is in the office's place...

  12. Beautiful design but is there a reason why the down left corner is so open? To me it seems like wasted space. Scenario or suggestion-
    1. The kitchen is gorgeous but Chris is right. It is a little impractical. There is very little prep space. The stove could be placed in the corner close to the window. That would leave room for a small dishwasher where the stove is presently and a small oven below the counter under the stove. The dining table could be in the same colors in a modern design and be free to move and expand to suit any occasion.
    2.Turn the foot of the bed 90 degrees clockwise to the right, place the bed up against the wall. Appropriate shelves on the wall above the head of the bed would create more storage and aesthetic appeal. The night table arrangement could then be placed in the space to the left of the bed next to the wall previously at the foot of the bed.
    3. Close the opening between the living and bed room. That would create privacy and the feeling of a proper bedroom (think small party or overnight guests eg-friend crashing on couch). Also that tiny little thing looking like a closet's purpose totally escapes me. That would become the bedroom entry. A larger sofa, like a sectional could then be placed against the wall that now separates the bedroom from the living room or the space would be good for a small but proper dining table and chairs.
    4. A large picture window on the wall where the sofa now sits would be so welcome, also one on the wall on the right in the bedroom.
    5. The wall previously at the end of the bed could be pushed back to create a closet in the bedroom.
    6. Shelves can be placed above the sofa against the wall adjacent to the bedroom, which could be used for the storage of books etc. A convenient fold-able laptop table could then be used for work.
    An optional projection screen high up on the the wall by the kitchen directly in front of the sofa would serve for tv and movie night.
    7. That spare room now could be used as a laundry and storage center. Put in a stack-able washer dryer pair and some shelves and voila!
    Everything you need in one perfect space

  13. I'm a crazy tiny house fan too. I think we'd be so much happier if we just used what we needed versus what we want.

  14. YES! Where is this / Where can more information be obtained on this floor plan?

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