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Monday, September 3, 2012

You can all go to "Hull"! Check out this small/tiny beach house on stilts

"GO TO HULL", the town in Massachusetts, that is, if you want to check out this little, newly renovated, and lifted, tiny beach house...guffaw, guffaw.... I'm guessing its about 400 square feet in size....

   This is yet another house that MIGHT be part of the down-the-road housing book I'm working on. I've really been trying to bust butt and get a lot of self-taken photos out there, one's never seen online before, so as to add to the drool pool of tiny house peeping. This one sits on the far end of Hull. MA- a barrier-like town for Boston Harbor, on a thin strip of land with spectacular water views each way. I can't imaging what the vantage from this newly raised cottage would be like. To its left, you would see SEVERAL lighthouses on the tiny islands in the harbor. For those ever hitting this area, you'll pass right by this house, AND ANOTHER TINY ONE (also below) on your way to visit Fort Revere (and its cool underground bunkers and officer dwellings).

And all locals (and non, as we have attendees from as far away as Kansas, and Texas already signed up), my "Tiny House Building Workshop" on Nov 2-4, still has some spots, so check out the details by clicking HERE.  It'll be held in Stoughton, MA, right outside Boston.

And across the street.....

All photos by Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

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