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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tiny Houses (Me and Sage) featured in US News/

 (Above: The Workshop "Classroom"-'s one of the locale's where we'll be hanging out and building. These micro-structures from my youtube show "Tiny Yellow House" will serve as examples of what can be done with certain free and recycled materials)

Yet more proof that so many people are very curious about alternative architecture and tiny house's an article that US News covered, and that later ran on Sage Radachowsky, a Gypsy Wagon Dweller/Carpenter, who is also featured, is one of the speakers/guests at our Tiny House Building Workshop- 3 days, camping (if you'd like), MANY speakers and demos, hands-on building, guest cabins/campers that you'll get to tour, an optional trip to THE first built Tumbleweed Tiny House in Boston (the one Jay Shafer lived in), a pizza party, nightly bonfire discussions, networking galore, and more!!!

Check out the article here...

Only about 3 spots left, email me at kidcedar at gmail dot com

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen


  1. I love your cool structures and the whole tiny/reclaimed house movement! I have a quick question: awhile back, I read a post that you'd written about your favorite/most influential tiny house books. One of the books that you described was a very old boyscout-type book about building forts and shelters. I can't for the life of me find your original post and Googling isn't turning up the book title. Would you be so kind as to email me the title of the book that you referenced? Amy [ at ] redchairhomeinteriors [dot] com. Thanks so much! Amy

  2. Hey Amy- there's a link on each page of this site for my top books- but that one is "Shelters, Shacks, and Shanties" by D.C. Beard (Daniel Carter Beard). Take care!


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