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Monday, August 27, 2012

The Brand New VW Camper/Motorhome "DOUBLEBACK"

Wow! Talk about engineering! Check out this video- the VW camper of the future (although the price is very futuristic too! Yeowch! 55,000 Pounds). Thanks to Mike Napurano of our "Tiny Yellow House and" Facebook discussion board for pointing this one out! Join our group here! Its not a fan page, but an actual interactive board/forum, where there's always some GREAT content. We have quite the cast of characters on board too!

Anyway, they've now taken the classic VW camper, and have given it a remote controlled, cantilevered, add-on- giving it almost DOUBLE the space. Its really the Transformer Toy of road campers/VW buses!

Could something like this be devised for a tiny house so as to circumvent square footage code?

PS- I've been REALLY ill lately, so sorry for any blog delays, and I will soon unveil a couple of new guest speakers that will be part of our three day "TINY HOUSE BUILDING WORKSHOP" in MA- Nov 2-4th! I can't wait! We still have a little room too, if interested. I'm still tweaking plans as to what we'll collectively build, in terms of the guest house- but its going to be fun- and perhaps a filmed feature for Make Magazine.
-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen


  1. Thank goodness it isn't made out of nickel. Then it would've been called The Nickelback, and nobody would have wanted it.

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