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Friday, August 3, 2012

Super Simple Folding Adirondack Chair for Tiny Homes/Porches

Its made from sanded cedar 1" by 1"'s, folds, molds to the back of each individual (its flexible), lightweight, and cold hold a decent amount of weight. "Dr. Demolition", my brother, tried it out, and we know know it at least holds 260 lbs. A very comfortable chair- I got this one for a friends as a gift for $75 from Goodridge Lumber up in Albany, VT, my go-to place for cedar.
    Something like this would be VERY easy to build- its all patterns. I've since seen many copycat looks and models- a sure sign that the design sells, works, and it wanted/people-approved. 

 A chair like this would be great for a tiny/small house in terms of guest seating. When not in use, you could stow this away easily, or even hang it up on a wall. I took the pattern measurements down for this on some scrap of paper SOMEWHERE, and once I find them, I'll have to post them. REALLY EASY!

 Also, for those into rustic furniture making, here's a link to a GREAT book I recently got on the subject- some amazing photos, and VERY creative, budget-friendly ideas.....

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen


  1. Free plans for that chair on BuildEazy.

  2. Where's the link for the book?