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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A mini-cabin INSIDE an apartment in Amsterdam

 I've never been to Amsterdam, Netherlands, but if I ever go, here's one of the places I'd love to stay. In some other lifetime I'd also like to try something along these lines- the installation of a tiny space, or tiny house, within a large, industrial space, but shared with other, funky, homemade, earthy, fun, and unique dwelling pods. It would almost be an indoor community of tiny homes, or an interior micro-housing development- all out of sight, and potentially out of mind, for the many law-writing naysayers out there- if you wanted to go that route, naturally.

This particular one is an listing, one of many interesting ones out there.....

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen


  1. Beautiful, but NEVER use Airbnb!!! I had one lined up and the owner cancelled the reservation the day before! Worse yet, Airbnb didn't give me a warning or anything. I had to log in to see what was going on. Even worse, payment refund had to be requested, rather than being automatic. And the bottom line ... no apologies from Airbnb. They're full of air, alright.

    But it's a beautiful cabin!

  2. I've been keeping up with this tiny house trend for a that I have moved to Boston, I'm ready to take the leap and build my own! Would you or someone local you know be willing to help a novice like me?? Let me know :) stephie1122 at gmail dot com


  3. it's really just a freestanding bedroom - which is cool. I'd love to be able to shift my rooms around and not just the furniture within the rooms.

  4. Yes, its listed as such- a "bedroom"- but it certainly borrows from teardrop trailers, and such- which I love. You're right too, you could move WHOLE ROOMS around when you tired of their locale- for better sun orietation, a better view, more privacy, and so forth...