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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Tiny House Security #2- Well, Sort of.....

Thanks to my sister-in-law for this cool new sign that she gave me for my birthday! It might make 'em chuckle, more than keep anyone at bay from your land or cabin, but fake signage (not like this) sometimes does work....or at least makes people think twice- a la "Danger: Highly Radioactive Area", or "Trespassers will be shot, then shot some more, after being pre-shot". This is now attached to my little tiny cabin/house "The Gypsy Junker"- and was, for that recent tiny houses shoot/segment....

Below are a few other random, ridiculous, ideas...... do you have any?

   Some Other Goofy Ideas....

-Danger: Mike Tyson Lives Here
-Welcome to The Claymore Mine Testing Site
-Bear Feeding Zone- No Humans Allowed
-Toxic Waste Burial Site 47A- USG Post 14 (or something official/technical sounding)
-Beware of Sinkholes
-Entering Free-range Rattlesnake Breeding Station

 -Derek "Deek" Diedricksen


  1. Trespassers will be skinned alive then rolled in salt.

  2. If you have a trailer out in the woods you can make a fake US military (or CDC?) looking sign, and put some cameras, possibly dummy cameras, up. I'd also paint it camo. Perhaps people would be dissuaded from breaking into it, if they thought it was biohazard or military. But it would have to look credible.

    The other ideas seem too cute to actually work. Of course you're probably trying to defend a $100 fort or tree house, so cute is OK since the stakes are lower.