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Monday, July 30, 2012

A Very Modest Cottage- A tale of Saving and MOVING a tiny house

      I've been meaning to post on "A Very Modest Cottage" for awhile, a book I picked up a ways back. As some of you might know, I'm a fan of both coffee-table style pictoral books, AND more text laden offerings, and this book certainly falls into the former category. Books like these can be very inspiring, fun, and informational, even if only in a photographic and visual way, and this book is most of those things. Tereasa Surratt is almost the female "me", the more I look through this book- just one hell a better dresser (she's flea marketing and scrounging in outfits nicer than what I would wear to church!)- she digs recycled goods, yard sales, isn't afraid to get dirty (despite some of the pristine and poised photos), and well, LOVES tiny houses. She's even written a flea-marketing book- which I've also linked below (another one with some great photos- whoever is taking the pics (her, I assume) has a good eye for detail, light, and thinking beyond the box).

     While this book is about ONE single tiny house, and its history in the line of roadside rental cottages from the days of old, its LOADED with some very cool imagery- most of which lend to the tale of an old tiny cabin being saved, hauled across two states, and untimately relocated and rennovated. The end product is pretty damn gorgeous, and all in all, its a very fun, and non-brain-busting book to flip through time and time again.

You can find out more about her and her work at, which I hear, is now being rented out....