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Monday, May 21, 2012

Prepping for "Tiny House Summer Camp"- scenes from Vermont (and Tumbleweed Boston!)


THE ANTI-CLASSROOM: Above- THIS is one of the sites, near the log cabin, where we'll be having one (of a few) of our nighttime, campfire discussions on tiny housing/micro-house building- with guest speakers....we'll be building a tiny cabin/house, over four days, nearby as well....

So, this past weekend was Tumbleweed Boston, which I hosted, and it was great- so many good people, some incredible and unique ideas from those who attended, and there was much eclecticism in approach and aspirations all around. Thanks to all who came, we had fifty-one attendees in all, and it was great to meet all of you. I'll soon also be hosting Tumbleweed's workshop in Washington DC, the end of June, and I hope to see some of you down there. In DC there will also be a tiny house on hand to tour! Photos coming soon...

Thanks to our guest speakers in Boston!
Sage Radachowsky- Gypsy Wagon Dweller (he built and designed it)

Mariah Coz- who talked about her "Comet Camper" educational dwelling on wheels

John Hanson Mitchell- Author of "Living At The End Of Time"- chronicling two years of living in a 150 square foot tiny home, fashioned after the work of Andrew Jackson Downing.

Doug Immel- From RI, who is currently building a Fencl (and already living in it).

Speaking of which, earlier in the week, in preparation for's "Tiny House Summer Camp" (which is close to selling out already), I made a short one night trip to Vermont, and spent the night in one of the log cabins that attendees to the workshop will be able to sleep in. This cabin DOES have a solar set-up and CFL lights, but at night, as my kids slept, I worked on my lesson plan notes for Tumbleweed by candlelight- which just seemed to fit the mood for what I was doing and preparing.

Below are several fun random photos of the area and site where the workshop will be held, and I'm very excited to be hosting and heading this "meeting of the tiny minds" in the Northern Vermont. Hmmmm...maybe I should rethink that, its going to be great(!), and on this recent trip I hauled up a TON of lumber, which we'll be using (and then some) to build a little cabin in the woods so as to gain some hands-on experience.

A nearby field in the town the workshop will be held in, with a small mountain range in the background....

Above- campfire at night outside of the log cabin. There is also a guest-sleeping treehouse on the premises, and my own Vermont cabin right nearby- walking distance...

The ugly orange couch (free from an auto-body waiting room) mades its way to Vermont- We'll use this, among many other funky n' free, or re-purposed things, to furnish out the tiny cabin we'll be building. THIS FIELD, if you choose to tent-it, is the locale we'll be using as well (if you don't stay in the log cabin, my cabin, the hickshaw, or the treehouse).

I additionally brought "The Hickshaw" micro-cabin/sleeper up to Vermont, where it will serve as a crash-space for one of our attendees....

If interested in attending, email kidcedar at gmail dot com for information/to sign up. The rest of the info, guest speakers, and course details are at the link on the top of this blog.... (until the date of the workshop).

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

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  1. I like what you did to the tree. It's very freaky... in an H.R. Pufnstuff sort of way (Yes, I'm older than dirt).