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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

FIVE tiny, tiny, tiny cabins- all for sale....

 Above is the site of last year's Hands-on Building Workshop (sold out) in MA- THIS YEAR, I'm hosting "TINY HOUSE SUMMER CAMP"- a 4 day building and teaching-a-thon, with camping, and cabin lodging, in the woods of northern Vermont (July 6-9)- if interested- more info can be found here...

As for the sale, I'm working on selling off most of what I've built over the last 3-4 years, as, well, I'm running out of yard space. Also, time and time again people keep asking me to design and build one of my more sizable structures/tiny houses from my book "Humble Homes, Simple Shacks", so I think its about time I try to do just so. I also am working on that micro shantyboat/houseboat (also taking up my limited yard space), AND a new one-pole treehouse design called "The Lollipop", so the funds from any of these sales will go to completing these projects, and then filming them as "how-to" videos.... we're always looking for video sponsors too, and get alot of viewers, so if interested, email me at the address below in this post.....thanks!

So, starting with the A-frame, and moving clockwise...(A frame now has a stained glass window in the front)

A-frame- $400.00- as is- it needs a little trim work, etc- it has tongue and groove flooring inside, polyurethaned- it'd make for a great kid's fort, chicken coop, or weekend, like most of these (except "The Gypsy Junker") will fit into the bed of most trucks.

The Boxy Lady- $500.00- as seen in the NY Times, CBS, PBS, Seattle Times, Boston Globe, and so on (all of these have, except the A-frame)....a micro-mobile single sleeper and/or kiosk....

The Gypsy Junker- $1200.00- (the largest of them- painted brown) I'm least thrilled about getting rid of this one- if it doesn't sell, no complaints here....A TON of work went into this one, and its the most known or "famous" of these structures- it has received press in the UK, Japan, Australia, and more.... she's heavy- you'd need a flatbed trailer and 3-4 friends to move it. The video tour on this one has seen over 100,000 views now!

The Hickshaw-$600.00 its somewhat hidden in the photo- a single sleeper, all cedar, on'd make for a cool little garden shed, or a treehouse for kids! This one has traveled to festivals, and speaking events in every state in New England, and NY.

The GottaGiddaWay- $600.00- the orange one- I'm a little attached to this one too....prob my favorite of them and I always envisioned it as a guest sleeping space up at my camp in, if it doesn't sell, no loss, but it is for sale....

Also, "The Blue Crab" plywood boat (from Make Magazine) is for sale- $100- I already have two kayaks, and a jon boat- and just have no room/need. It works well, no leaks, in real good shape....

email me at kidcedar at gmail dot com
-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen


  1. I want to buy all of it.

  2. What a pity that there is an ocean and lots of land between your location and ours. Would have taken the Gypsy junker right away. *cry* - Looking forward to news about the summer camp.

  3. Wow! This is cute and I like it. Those cabins are wonderful. Thank you for sharing this with us.