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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mariah Coz and her "Comet Camper"- a revamped Avalon (Tiny House On Wheels)

The current, and/or "Before", look of Mariah's "Comet Camper"....

     I met Mariah last summer when she attended my sold out, backyard, tiny house and shelter building workshop. She was an instantly likeable person and VERY excited about her future prospects of making the move to living a tinier, simpler life. Well, she's putting her money where her mouth is, and has been very busy. She'll also be guest speaking at the Tumbleweed Tiny House Workshop in Boston, that I'm heading up/teaching, on May 19th and 20th AND will be coming up to my "Tiny House Summer Camp"- July 6, 7, 8, 9th in Northern Vermont- for more info on that, click HERE.

Anyway, I figured I'd hand the reigns to Mariah, so that she can explain what she's been up to....

"Hi All, and thanks Deek! I'm Mariah: builder, maker, do-it-your-selfer, designer, tiny house and vintage trailer enthusiast, and student studying mobile and alternative dwellings (I design my own curriculum and major at school). I am building The COMET (Cost-Efficient, Off-grid, Mobile Eco-Trailer) as a response to the combination of dwindling resources on our planet and, ironically, the incredible amount of waste and excess that makes it's way into the dumpster and the landfill every day. The plan is to turn this 1960's Avalon travel trailer into an off-the-grid, self-sufficient, mobile tiny house that has virtually no impact on the environment and a big social impact by serving as a mobile green classroom. Using mainly re-used, free, and repurposed/recycled materials, and sustainably produced products where necessary, The COMET aims to empower, educate, and inspire people to live TINY, SUSTAINABLY, FLEXIBLY, AFFORDABLY and HEALTHY. In less than 112 square feet I will have 555 Watts of solar power, a self-contained rainwater harvesting/filtration system, a waterless composting toilet, solar shower, bumper garden, and most importantly, a HOME (all for under $8000!).

      I encourage people to follow the COMET and it's progress at, as the website itself is meant to be a resource and tool for other DIYers who want to explore sustainable, tiny living. There will be tutorials and how-to's aimed at empowering others to build their own composting toilet, solar power system, and build with re-purposed materials. My background in vintage trailer restoration and love for the Tiny House movement have brought me to this project.  When The COMET is done, we'll hit the road, stopping all over the US doing open houses, tours, info sessions, and workshops. My hope is that people who see and experience The COMET will be inspired and empowered to live tiny and more sustainably.
I'm REALLY excited to be bringing The COMET to Deek's "Tiny House Summer Camp" workshop this summer too. I'll be showing you the camper itself and some really neat new stuff in sustainable building techniques, showing off my free and recycled finds that will be going into The COMET, explaining why vintage campers make great tiny houses,  talking about how to save $$ in your tiny house by having an entirely DC photovoltaic solar electric system like The COMET, and more! See you there


  1. The one thing I've noticed with many PV installations on RV trailers and motorhomes is than they are fixed flat when they should be mounted on a adjustable rack/mount to match the angle of the sun for maximum efficiency. Most RV have very limited space for batteries, so you need to get as much efficiency as possible out of your Solar PV array to keep your batteries juiced.

    1. Good point Carlos. My solar modules will rest flat on the roof of the camper while I am driving, but will be on adjustable racking that tilts up when I am parked. It's nice to have the flexibility, and of course you need to have your panels as close to the roof as possible while in motion so the wind doesn't catch them.
      Thanks for the thoughtful comment!