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Monday, March 5, 2012

Tiny Housers- Vote With Your Dollar (Made In The USA)- Wed, March 14th

PASS IT ON.....WED. MARCH 14th (or hell, ANY DAY)
*Naturally, if you're from outside the US, buy locally to your area....every bit helps your community!

I'm just shootin' from the hip here, perhaps this idea is flawed, perhaps it won't work, perhaps no one will care, but I'm trying it anyway....

Mike Napurano, over on our "Tiny Yellow House and" FB group posted this link below, and it pissed me off, in a good way.
Its kind of what got me going today...
Camper art from etsy artist Leah Giberson (Boston, MA)- Amazing stuff, check her out!
So.....(from our facebook post), here's what I proposed....
     I can't get many people interested in my one little town, so lets bypass the small n' local approach and use this discussion group as a vehicle to help, change, and inspire here and anywhere else- we have almost 1100 members (and another 500 or so on my other account, AND this blog), and if even 1/10 of you participate, it could mean something to many local business people who are struggling.
     Whether its building supplies, a mom n' pop run store, a local artisan, or someone in general in your town who makes handmade goods- chairs, pottery, anything- lets pick an upcoming buy local day, and afterwards, everyone can chime in, as to what they did, where, how..... I'm not saying go out and needlessly spend money on crap you don't need, but consider the local options for what you might be planning on buying anyway- or for future gifts. Its not directly tiny house related, but in many mindset ways, it is..... and yes, you can buy tiny house related items for this if you're in a rural area- plan sets, buying through links on or elsewhere, and so on.
      Also, this is not meant so much as a book plug, but this is all important to me; I MADE SURE The Lyons Press, in my book deal for "Humble Homes, Simple Shacks" printed the book ONLY IN THE USA. "Made In The USA" is stamped and certified on the back. 
If there aren't many stores where you live, hit the internet- people like Michael Janzen and Gaby Sunheart have new books out now that they've released themselves- goin' the very(!) admirable d.i.y. route- support 'em! Or check out artist Karl Mullen- from MA- his paintings are REALLY cool/bizarre. Just examples...
      If people are interested in trying this, lets do it Wednesday, March 14th- and perhaps we can get people like Kent Griswold, Ryan Mitchell, Michael Janzen, Alex Pino, Andrew Odom, Tammy Strobel, and more, to help out. Imagine how many people we could possibly reach.....I'm not reinventing any wheel here- I'm just trying to help get more going in a positive direction...and to get people to THINK before they purchase anything. Who made it? Where did it come from? Who is supported by this sale?
Painting by Karl Mullen- Williamstown, MA
I'm already thinking....a local bakery I haven't been to in a little bit, an etsy artist or two, a new local artist studio/gallery that I've been meaning to check out, maybe hit a farmers market, a local, struggling, mom n' pop convenience store down the street, a Lions Club-run flea market building in town...... Don't forget craigslist- local carpenters sell chairs, tables, goods, and more on there every day. Go see a local musician? I KNOW they don't make much money....
Speaking of which. my band JUST launched a new tune on Itunes (not for this movement/post so much), but listen to it (you don't have to buy it). I will, however, take my share of earnings down the road and donate the majority to a good, local, cause. Search for DefDealer- "How Low"- its all about selling out, sweeping your dreams, interests, and morals under the carpet- all for money- something I've seen too much in people first hand. I'll post the music video soon....  I'm on drums, and vocals (verse two)- lol.... its $0.99. LINK IS BELOW....
-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen